Rev. Andrew Czarny

Fr. Andrew Czarny was born in Eastern Poland where he did all of his education. He first immigrated to the United States of America. After serving in numerous parishes in New York state, he came to Brantford in the 1990s.
Faith Story
As a young boy, Fr Andrew attended church with his family and when he was old enough, hebecame an Altar Boy. While serving as an Altar Boy, he realized that he wanted to be a Priest. After completing all of his education in Poland, he was ordained on July 1, 1984.

Administrative Team

Mrs. Doreen Fader
Parish Administrator
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Mrs. Susan Elliott
Parish Accountant
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Mrs. Patti Field
Events Hall Manager
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Mr. Julio Fernandes
Buildings Maintenance Supervisor 
Mr. John Jonker

Pastoral Ministry

Mrs. Sophia Hopwood
Ministries of First Communion & Confirmation 
Mr. Rick Miller
Music Director
Mrs. Kathy Kunkel 
Sacristan & Ministry to Retirement Homes
Mrs. Joan Hepp
Ministry to Retirement Homes
Mrs. Sophia Hopwood
St. Vincent de Paul Ministry to the Sick and Home bound 
Tel. (519) 865.1562