Parish Hall

The Blessed Sacrament Parish has a long tradition of making the spacious hall available for events (e.g. Weddings, receptions, school graduations, governmental election, etc.).   If you are interested in renting the space, please contact the Hall Coordinator directly.  Rates are negotiable depending on the activity and time required.

Pricing for 2024:

·       Hall Rental- $650 includes tables/chairs

·       Bartenders- $175- Bar charges separate

·       Dishwashers- $75/person (2minimum)

·       Coat Check-$100

·       Place Setting $7.50/person- includes large plate,         silverware, desert setting, use of bowls, salt and pepper, water jugs

·       Use of Kitchen only- $250/day- $100/day for parishioners

·       Funerals $150

Contact 519 449 5143